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Aftercare Program

Not only can trees experience drought stress while being transported, drought and root damage can contribute to 95% of root loss. Therefore, we help you implement an effective aftercare program to ensure that your tree survives the big move.


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Here are the steps we follow to ensure the survival of your large tree:

1. Ensure that newly transplanted trees are watered daily to keep the soil around the roots moist and not water logged.

2. Apply 1 – 2 gallons of water per inch of trunk caliper to the rootball.

3. Daily irrigation should be done for 6 weeks. Afterwards, your tree should be irrigated 2 -3 times per week for 5 months.

4. Irrigation on trees planted during the Spring and Summer can be discontinued once leaves start to change colour in the Fall. However, irrigation on trees planted during the Fall should be done several times until foliage has dropped off deciduous trees.